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Melissa T. Yang, PhD

Hands-on Research: Homing in, Dovetailing, & Pigeonholing

Welcome, world! Iā€™m Melissa ā€” a researcher, writer, and educator. I grew up in New England and worked in San Francisco before completing my doctorate in Pittsburgh. I now live in Atlanta, where I direct the Emory Writing Center, but am available virtually anywhere.

My research homes in on animal rhetorics ā€” I publish on the intersection of birds and words, poultry and poetry. I teach courses on everything from environmental humanities to rhetorical grammar as a Writing Program faculty member in Emory University’s English Department.

I began my career as a writing center consultant and communications editor, and love strategizing with and supporting diverse writers tackling a range of projects. Feel free to peruse my CV and email me with any inquiries.

Beyond work, I am a recreational acrobat, weird art enthusiast, and avid birdwatcher.

Flying the Acro Lift “High Bird” by an Avian Mural in Detroit

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